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What Audiences have been saying about The Hummingbird's Tour...


"A sweet and funny play; and surprisingly moving as well." - Tony Award Winning Playwright, Chris Durang


"...We LOVED it.  We have gone to the theater for years in Philly, at times in NY, and honestly, we enjoyed the totality of your play so much more than so many of the plays we've seen."  (Becky Adams)


"...You made us laugh, think and talk about the play. The actors were excellent, the directing was great, everything was just absolutely wonderful."  (Sasha Rutstein)


"I was enlivened and uplifted by the Hummingbird’s Tour. There was whimsy and wonder and laughter in great abundance. Thank you for putting a shine on our day." (Steve Carr)


"It was so funny, insightful, thought-provoking and wonderfully acted by that terrific ensemble. It was just pure delight." (Jean Mihich)


"...I thought it was brilliant!"  (Kristine Keating)


 "...I was bowled over! I was moved by all the nuances and the dynamics within that family. Also how you dealt with the racial issue, which was not an issue at all within that family." (Maria Fell)


"Funny, poignant, thoughtful....what could be better?" (Kimberly Mehler)


"Fabulous! Well-acted, funny, witty, and profound... an evening of joy and laughter." (Hannelore Goodwin)


"BRAVO! Loved the play... very funny... and moving... the actors were great. Congratulations!" (Marie-Noelle Moginie)


"It was a very enjoyable evening. Your messages of non-judgment,

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